30 August 2023


 Fiber is pulled all the way through the conduit, into the garage and house.  Confirmed as good end to end with equipment connected on both ends.  Next step is to get radios and hamputer relocated, everything on a UPS, vlans set up, etc etc.  The important takeaway though is I now have a working layer 1 between house and garage!

~shotgun moose

20 August 2023

Shotgun Moose goes off half-cocked

 Somewhat expensive lesson to learn, but learn it I did. Always pull cables by their jacket, not their termination.

Internet out to garageshack will (eventually) be provided by a fiber run.  I had purchased a pre-terminated length of fiber with LC connectors on each end.  Off I go, eager to get operational, and I make the mistake of tying pull line to just the LC connector, and not the cable jacket too.

Half way though, the pull line gets really light, and all that comes out the other end is the LC housing, sans any fiber.

Don't be like me! Learn from my mistake!

~shotgun moose