I have a lot of packet radio projects I am responsible for, most of them APRS; a growing number of them otherwise.

KL1V-10    APRS digipeater/igate running on the back of my garage.  Will be heavily upgraded in the near future.  Watch this space.  Not (currently) APRS message capable.  UPDATE 08 Sep 23: KL1V-10 is offline pending station upgrades.

KL1V-7    My primary APRS HT, a Yaesu VX-8DR. APRS message capable.

KL1V-13    Technically not an APRS or packet device but featured here since it interacts with packet radio.  My weather station in Girdwood, a Rainwise MK-III connected to an old PC running weewx.  Will eventually be migrated to my hamshack computer and possibly merged with the digi/igate under one SSID.  Not APRS message capable.

KL7AA-10    APRS digipeater/igate located on Anchorage Hillside providing coverage of Anchorage, Mat-Su, and a small bit of the Kenai Peninsula.  Check here for more details.  Not APRS message capable.

KL7AA-5    HF robust packet APRS igate running on 10.1473 MHz USB.  Has great ears, but due to Robust Packet still being a proprietary mode, not too many hams utilize it.  Hopefully this will change with the release of the WinRPR software package.  Not APRS message capable.

Non-APRS packet:

KL7ION-2:    Alias EAGLE.  145.010MHz.  1200bd.  2 meter packet node co-located with the KL7ION repeater at Site Summit (the old Nike missile site above JBER.).  Runs X1J4 firmware.  Crosslinked to KL7ION-4.

KL7ION-4:    Alias EAGLE.  440.050MHz.  1200bd.  70cm packet node co-located with and crosslinked to KL7ION-2.  See above entry for details.

KL7JFU-2:    Alias VALLEY.  147.960MHz.  1200bd.  2 meter packet node located in the Mat-Su valley.  No known links.

KL7ZK:    Alias SLD. 145.010MHz. 1200bd.  2 meter packet node located on the Kenai Peninsula.  Facilitates connections from EAGLE to DRBBS

DRBBS:    Actual callsign not known.  Frequency not known but suspected 145.010MHz.  Suspected 1200bd.  Full service BBS located on Daimond Ridge above Homer.  Yagi pointed North, so connections further south (Seldovia and Kodiak) are unlikely.

KL7AA BBS    Coming soon! (hopefully).  Check here for more details.