Anchorage Amateur Radio Club - KL7AA

Arctic Amateur Radio Club - KL7KC

Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club - KL7HOM

Seward Amateur Radio Club - KL7SWD

Moosehorn Amateur Radio Club - AL7LE

Delta Amateur Radio Club - KL7DRC

MatSu Amateur Radio Association - KL7JFU

Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society - KL7AIR

Alaska VHF-UP Group - KL7VHF

XLX327 - crosslinked to Brandmeister 311485 (maintained by Scott - KL7ET)

Yukon Amateur Radio Association - VY1WLK

Alaska Repeater Coordination

AREA HAMS (with an internet presence)

Eugen - KL3RR

Brandon - KL7BSC

Ed - KL7UW

Ace - KL5IS

This directory is in no particular order.  I will try and keep it updated as information becomes available.