Having a packet BBS serving the Anchorage/MatSu area has been a long running dream of mine.  Recently, I've taken steps towards making it happen, with the notion of upgrading the EAGLE packet node at the old Nike missile site on Site Summit into a more capable system.

My current working plan is to repurpose an old PC to run LinBPQ.  There will be a 1200bd port on 145.010 MHz, and a 9600bd port on 440.050 MHz.  The UHF port will also support VARA FM wide for RMS access.  I'm not sure yet if I want to facilitate access to other ports via VARA, or have VARA FM on VHF.  I have also thrown out the idea of crosslinking to the KL7JFU node on 147.96 MHz, but it will likely be more practical to approach the Mat-Su club about a UHF link instead.

Current plan for ports is as follows:

Ideally, I will also have a telnet port accessible at, but since internet access to this node will be double or possibly triple NAT'ed, there will likely be some tunneling or other network shenanigans involved.

This page will serve as both a placeholder for accessing the BBS as well as a chronicle of my efforts to bring this BBS into reality.  Packet radio is far from dead, and still has a lot to offer the modern ham radio community.